About Aney Company

The main activity of Aney Company is the production of cardboard dividers for packing vine and vodka, medical, food, cosmetic and perfume production. The major difference between the company from a great number of other similar businesses is the use of innovation approaches to the development of packing design for specific goods, as well as highly efficient solutions in the sphere of costs optimization at manufacturing packing production, logistics and warehousing, an individual approach and consulting service to and for each of the customers.

The specialists of the company have developed and successfully implemented new models of components for corrugated packaging – dividers made of boxboard. The company’s know-how is the replacement of the traditional corrugated cardboard at dividers production by thinner boxboard, as well as the creation of fundamentally new dividers configurations, which makes the production of cardboard packing more economic and modern.

Such dividers ensure complete integrity of fragile goods (bottles, flasks) contained in boxes, prevent the label from wearing, and perfectly preserve the appearance of products. An undeniable advantage of boxboard dividers is the possibility of modernizing all the processes, starting from cutting the dividers to automated pre-packing of goods into boxes.

Innovational dividers from Aney Company are a perfect and economically profitable solution, which assists in reducing the prime cost of the finished goods, and the production itself becomes more competitive and, consequently, more attractive for consumers.

By using the «Poyas» program developed by the Aney Company, it becomes possible to select the optimal dimensions for a certain type of products by precisely determining its configuration, specifying the shape of the divider, taking into consideration the method of pre-packing the goods. The “Analyzer” application allows to find the most efficient solution for packing unification for optimal placement of products in a box and corrugated box on the pallet. Consequently, transportation and warehousing costs for the finished goods are significantly reduced.

Our specialists will carry out all analytical works, up to the audit of packing solutions. On the basis of the gained data specific offers will be developed and packing samples will be produced, and only after the check of trial versions performance the packing solution will be implemented in the production.

A complex approach to addressing the problems connected with production and processing of dividers, careful study of all possibilities, mathematically adjusted calculation and professionalism of the employees let us create unique packing products which correspond to the strictest quality standards.

Economic profit, which has been appreciated by a number of domestic manufacturers, is obvious.

• use of thinner cardboard for dividers contributes to the reduction of material consumption, and, consequently, lowering the cost of packing;

• reduction of transportation costs due to more thoughtful placement of boxes on pallets and decrease of their dimensions (with the same amount of goods);

• release of extra warehouse facilities, the possibility of storing more finished goods;

• compliance with sanitary norms for storage of cardboard package (absence of dust and cutoffs characteristic of cardboard production).

In general, the reduction of basic packing expenses of the manufacturer can reach from 5 to 30%.

We are open to cooperation with any enterprises and are ready to offer the most modern and efficient solutions which will contribute to the success of your business.