Optimization of logistics

It is not a secret that transportation costs contribute much to price setting. Usage of optimized package will make it possible to significantly reduce costs at this stage. The «POYAS» program will ensure lowering expenses at the stages of designing, production, warehousing and transportation of finished goods!

Development of dividers

One of the most important activity fields of Aney Company is the development of dividers’ design so that it fits the individual parameters of the goods being produced. Having used this service, you will realize that there is an essential difference between the dividers of traditional and optimal design from the economic point of view.

Supervised installation

Basing on the production audit results, it might be found out that it is necessary to install additional equipment into already operating continuous production lines. Our specialists are ready to perform the installation in the shortest possible time.

Audit of packing solutions

Aney Company renders consulting services and is willing to share its best practices and rich experience in the sphere of production modernization. Recommendations of experts will assist in finding the optimal packing solution for your goods and take your business to a higher level.