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Package for pharmaceutical products

Every manufacturer plans to deliver its products to the final customer in presentable appearance and with lowest expenses. But when it comes to medicaments, requirements, specified to safety of packing, increase by times. Damaged appearance, worn labels, deformed tubes of products of extensive use, or simply articles of popular consumption, will probably slightly affect their contents, while a little fracture of a flask with pharmaceuticals may turn a drug into poison.

Individual dividers for pharmacy will become a palladium. Aney Company will provide the development of cardboard dividers in the conjoint transportation packing. Design of dividers will fully correspond the type of medication, geometry of the individual packing. If it is the case of glass bottles and ampoules, we can guarantee safety of products even in case of accidental fall of the packing from low height. Dividers for pharmaceutical products are easily derived from conjoint packing and can serve as a convenient stand for display of the medicaments on the shelves of the drug store. If desired, secondary use of dividers is possible.

The advantage of using dividers is not only maintenance of safety of the products. Aney Company also offers optimization of logistic. Thanks to more compact filling of transportation containers, it is possible to significantly lower costs of packing and transportation costs because of reduction of the sizes of boxes to 45 %. Such economy easily compensates expenses on manufacturing of dividers and optimization of packing. And there are even more advantages to come.

Having ordered development and manufacturing of box dividers in the Aney Company, you at once solve several problems. Henceforth your products will always be reliably protected and packed. Expenses on transportation of cargo will be cut down, it is possible to safely reduce sizes of warehouses as pharmaceutical production in new packing will take much less space. You will manage to forget about all difficulties connected with manufacture of dividers. Indeed, what is the use of equipping ecologically harmful packing manufacture on the territory of a pharmaceutical enterprise, to buy not cheap specialized equipment for independent manufacturing of packing materials when there is a possibility to refer to professionals. Everyone should be engaged in the business! Manufacturing of dividers is a basic direction of industrial activity for Aney Company. Only at first sight dividers look like a little significant detail of packing. The reputation of the enterprise can actually depend on correctly picked up dividers.

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