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Optimization of logistics

Experts note that in the cost of the finished product expenses on its storage, packaging and transportation can be up to 70%. Optimization solutions for the manufacturing processes can greatly reduce the costs of packing, logistics and warehousing. Advanced developments of Aney Company’s specialists – that’s a completely new approach to the solving the problems of packaging and pre-packing of goods, which has already been appreciated by many Russian enterprises.

With the help of dividers offered company’s and made of boxboard with the new configuration of grooves, the size of packing boxes can be reduced while the quantity of goods (bottles, flasks) still remains the same. An excellent appearance of products, the safety of all labels and other decorative elements, the possibility of secure transportation of any fragile goods - that is the real result of the theoretical developments of Aney Company. Dividers made by Aney Company have an excellent reputation in wine and vodka plants and demonstrate their effectiveness in packaging of standard as well as non-standard bottle forms ("damask," "carafe ").

The company has developed and successfully implements the “POYAS” program, which main purpose is the selection of optimal packaging size for products with specified characteristics. The program allows you to calculate exactly the most suitable parameters: the size of boxes, number of cells, form of grooves and "locks" in dividers, gap size (in slots, between the box’s wall and the bars), as well as to determine the optimum scheme of packing products into any boxes.

It is known that the conditions during transportation of the finished product can be worsened due to improperly packed boxes on pallets. The desire to place on a given area as much products as possible is clear, but it often turns into "overhangs", disruption of a product, its “non-marketable” conditions. The "POYAS" program can determine the optimal variant of arranging boxes on a pallet - this will ensure the complete safety of the finished products and the absence of "overhangs". While calculating the optimal scheme not only parental- and mini gap boxes packing is analyzed, but also spiral (with one, two or opposing spirals) or combined variants. Moreover, it should be noted that the number of boxes in the same area will increase up to 5-30%.

The practical usage of "POYAS" is a highly effective means of reducing transportation and storage costs of finished products, as well as substantial profit increase in the end. Proposed by Aney Company developments reduce packaging expenses up to 6-17,5% in average, and transportation expenses – up to 16-45,5%.

Scientific approach and application of mathematical methods help not only to answer the question about the optimal packing for a number of products but also competently and accurately solve the eternal problem of logistics: "How is it possible to deliver quickly and cost-effectively high-quality consumer goods at the right time? '. Add to this the significant economic impact on innovation and get a great product, which is worth praising and widespread application in various industries.

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