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Audit of packing solutions

The purpose of the packaging solutions audit is to explore possibilities for the cost reduction of packing and pre-packing. Ordering this service, you should be ready for changes that will occur in your manufacture. Nowadays only competitive businesses can survive, fearlessly introducing modern technologies. The replacement of corrugated dividers to the thin boxboard analogs may seem only a trifle, but the economic effect is enormous: reduced cost of packaging and transport expenses.

Auditors firstly will conduct a full or partial (depending on the customer’s requirements) equipment inspection, then they will announce their verdict. Specialists will provide with constructive recommendations according to the manufacture re-equipment. It's not a secret that many enterprises use outdated equipment, but our masters will think up the ways of its technical modernization.

Due to the fact that the Aney Company is engaged in the optimization of the package, it’s obvious that the main purpose of the audit will be connected with the optimization of the end-product packing process on filling lines. Only modernization of the end-product packing process can bring very substantial profit up to 30% - in this area the Aney Company’s employees are true professionals.

Let’s consider the benefits of the manufacture audit on the example of alcoholic beverage plant. Most equipment of domestic ABP’s provide only hand-packing of bottles in boxes. Typically on a specialized area, outside the filling line there exists a department that specializes at producing boxes and dividers, which are delivered to the packing zone. In such working scheme corrugated cardboard with straight grooves produced with the help of the machines such as "slotter" is used more often. Even if cutting is performed diligently, slant, and scatter of the linear parameters will exist. The produced dividers will be labor-consuming, and even with hand-laying packaging of bottles in a box they will make holdbacks. Often crumbling, deforming, stratifying, they create an insurmountable obstacle slowing down the process of automatic packing as a result.

The audit showed that only during the packaging phase modernization will help to save money. Only by the replacement of self-made dividers produced from corrugated cardboard to the Aney Company’s dividers and by setting up the "shank" responsible for the automatic packing of bottles it is possible to cut down the expenses on the department producing dividers, delivery to the pre-packaging area and manual labor during the packing process. If the cost of logistics optimization is added, the question about the need of manufacture audit will disappear.

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