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Supervised installation

Well-regulated manufacturing and equipment, functioning at full capacity, detailed producing and packaging process of finished products, and as a consequence, constant income – isn’t it a dream of every businessman? Of course, it is impossible to reanimate completely outdated equipment, but it is certainly possible to make the existing equipment work more productively. Modern technologies require the reduction of manual labor in the manufacturing process, and that’s right. Manual labor is quite often becomes the weakest element, it’s hard for any person to compete with machine’s speed and accuracy on the line.

Aney Company specializes in the optimization of the packaging process, and of course the supervised installation service especially affects the final stage of finished product packaging. Even if your enterprise, for example, is staffed by not very modern equipment, our specialists will make careful analysis, reveal residual resource, adjust, and of course repair or install additional equipment that will improve the profitability of the entire line. You can see more precisely from the manufacture audit results what kind of equipment you need to set up for more effective work, and choose the most acceptable variant basing on the given data.

"Miserly pay twice" - this proverb is absolutely true when it comes to business. You can try to save on package manufacturing it by yourself, using dividers made of the old-fashioned corrugated board, taking up space in the box, which successfully could be taken by the goods, and paying for additional transportation services because of the increased packaging volumes. So it is quite possible to abandon automatic packing line of finished products, replacing it with the workers whom you need to pay a monthly salary. What at first glance looks like the economy, very often results in unreasonable costs. We do not insist, but we recommend, once again weigh the "pros" and "cons" of modernization and in the case of taking the positive decision, apply to us, to Aney Company.

The chief-assembling performed by our specialists is not only high-quality and timely installation of the necessary equipment, this is also a new stage in the development of your business. Of course, the installation of a "shank", the specialized equipment for automation and mechanization of the process connected with laying bottles or any other product into the box, is not cheap, but the economic returns will cover all the costs rather quickly.

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