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Package for other types of production

Though the basic line of activity of the company is optimization of packing expenses for liquor producers, Aney Company understands that not only manufacturers of alcoholic products face similar problems. Almost any product passes a stage of storage and transportation before marketing, and every businessman, be it a manufacturer or a purchaser, tries to minimize expenses for packing and delivery to final destination. And precisely in this case, the help of Aney Company can become irreplaceable.

Development of dividers and calculation of parameters of optimum packing for a certain product is a difficult and labor-iconsuming process. But long-term methodical know-hows, specialized software at which creation our experts have worked, allow designing dividers for subjects of any configuration. For example, packing of souvenirs of the conic form is required but contact packing may lead to fractures while transporting. Or the size of a box will considerably increase if to lay layers of corrugated cardboard. The multilevel packing dividers, developed in Aney Company will solve the problem. Subjects will be laid with the minimum backlashes, rigidly fixed in cells. The products and the box will create a monolithic design that will save contents from inaccurate manipulations.

Dividers for corrugated packaging can be useful in many branches. They are ideal for packing of fragile glass subjects: glassware, crystal, souvenir production. Certainly, it is possible to lay shaving, paper, rags or corrugated cardboard as before, but it leads to increase in volumes of transportation container, and as consequence, to odd logistical costs.

It is possible to say not without reason that dividers are irreplaceable both for storage and transportation of building materials, electronics, mechanics, in a word, of any goods, appearance and consumer properties of which can suffer from unreliable packing.

Aney Company takes orders for development and manufacturing of dividers for individual packing, for example, for gift sets of perfume, original souvenirs or exclusive alcohol.

It is difficult to estimate value of correctly picked up packing for an uninitiated person. The prosaic thing is that a divider for a cardboard box is able to bring a considerable economic gain at the correct approach. Dividers will allow the products to reach destinations practically loss-free, expenses on packing will decrease and will reduce the cost of transportation almost by third. Our numerous clients have already convinced of this fact on their personal experience!

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