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Package for wine and vodka production

Packing technologies are constantly improving. Cardboard boxes have long taken the place of bulky wooden and metal boxes for glass containers. New designs have been developed that are more economical and reliable, and not only ensure the safety of goods, but also provide for automation of packing process, reduction of storage and transportation costs.

It is quite understandable that bottles cannot be put into a box without dividing sections, so auxiliary elements are needed that will securely fix the glass containers. Popular dividers made of corrugated cardboard seem to solve this problem, but still…This material is rather thick and takes too much useful volume, so using it suggests either increasing the size of a box or reducing the number of bottles, which inevitably leads to increased costs. The usage of 1,5-2mm thick micro cardboard for divider production is economically inefficient due to its high prime cost.

It’s not worth forgetting about the complexity of manufacturing the dividers. It involves unhealthy environment, lots of dust and undeleted flash, labour intensity of assembly, extra occupied facilities and the complexity of delivering assembled dividers. The solution to this situation was found – the usage of boxboard with thickness of 0.5 - 0.9 mm. Still the things were not as easy as they seemed.

Dividers made of boxboard, produced according to old patterns with a “lock” in the form of a “clip” did not allow automated packing of bottles. But the development engineers of Aney Company have found a way to fulfill this task by applying individual design solutions for various automated lines. The dividers manufactured this way differ significantly from the predecessors. But the main thing about it is that they enable automated package of bottles at any automated lines.

So, which advantages does the use of packing for alcoholic products manufactured by Aney Company have?

•Lowering the cost of packaging. Thinner dividers made of boxboard allow reducing the inner dimensions of the box, and, as a consequence, lowering the consumption of materials for their production.

•Reliable protection of labels from wearing and ensuring integrity of glass bottles.

•The minimum clearance between the divider and the bottle allows for turning the corrugated box into a monolithic structure that possesses increased stiffness and high load carrying capacity, which lets you create higher pallets.

•Reduction of warehouse area, both for storing the dividers and the finished goods.

•In connection with the reduction of dimensions of boxes for alcohol products and the increase of their quantity at the pallet, the costs for storage and transportation are significantly reduced.

•The possibility of full automation of the production process.

•To close the unprofitable independent production of dividers.

All of these points are quite justifiable. Aney Company has tested its technologies at largest distilleries before introducing them to the masses, and the results were quite impressing. The effect from optimizing the vodka package dimensions allowed reducing the cost of the box itself by 10-12%, and the transportation and storage costs – by 20-30%!

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