Package for other types of production

No matter what products need to be packed, be it exclusive figurines, crystal glasses or aerosol spray cans – cardboard boxes with individually engineered dividers will ensure integrity of even the most fragile items. At the same time, you can save money due to reduction of package weight and size, and more dense packing of finished goods and thus decrease the costs of its storage and transportation, as well as ensure its safety, which will really amaze you, trivial as it may sound.

Package for pharmaceutical products

Very high requirements are usually set to storage and transportation of medical substances, as mechanical effects, shaking, rubbing, or squeezing can damage the impermeability and sterility of drugs, and this can lead to negative consequences. Packing with optimal dimensions, complete with dividers, will help to avoid such problems, ensuring safety of finished products.

Package for perfumes and cosmetics production

The buyers are often so picky when it comes to choosing jars and bottles containing cosmetics and perfumes. Loss of integrity and shape, a slightly worn label – and this product will just fail to be sold. It’s possible to avoid it if the right package for perfumes and cosmetics production is selected.

Package for wine and vodka production

It is safe to say that for Russia alcoholic drinks are number one among others, but that does not necessarily mean that the consumer is indifferent to the appearance of the product. In the first turn the attention is focused on nice design: bright label, beautiful bottle. High-quality package for alcohol will ensure delivery of goods from the manufacturer to the sales network in its original form.